These free guides will help you get you started on your journey towards better nutrition. You can download the resource pack below by filling out the form.

Food Tracking Journal

Awareness and accountability are two of the keys to success. Start gaining awareness around what foods you are eating regularly by using this food journal for a week.

Weight Loss & Nutrition: Hierarchy of Importance Guide

This chart shows the order of nutritional importance as it relates to weight loss, and details about each level of the chart. This is a great educational tool to understanding what really matters when it comes to nutrition, and how to focus on what’s important at your current stage.

Healthy Food Swaps Guide

My healthy food swaps guide gives you easy habits to incorporate into your everyday meal planning. You can make these swaps while still enjoying foods you love.

Habit Tracking Sheet

Use this printable habit tracking guide to visually see your progress throughout the week.

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