First and foremost, what is CBDa? CBDa is a raw, less processed form of CBD. CBDa is closer to its natural plant state than regular CBD. Pure Fin uses water to carefully extract the CBDa – no solvents or heat, like many other companies use. I personally love Pure Fin’s CBDa because this brand is made with a high quality omega-3 fish oil which is a huge that added benefit because 1) the large majority of people do not get enough EPA & DHA (contained in fish oil) from their diet and 2) it’s incredibly difficult to find a high quality fish oil supplement. With all that said, the main reasons I started taking it was to alleviate my everyday stress and anxiety, and to help with inflammation, better supporting my recovery from my workouts. I cannot recommend this product enough.

Why I take Pure Fin

  • Stress management / anxiety
  • Recovery from workouts (inflammation)
  • High quality omega-3 fish oil


  • My favorite is the mint flavor (but don’t recommend it if you don’t like mint….lol. Mandarin orange is a close second!)
  • If you’re a beginner, I recommend starting at the 1,000mg dose. I started here, but it didn’t take me long to realize I needed a higher strength so I switched to 1,500.

Benefits of Pure Fin Products

CBDa is a raw, less processed form of CBD, which is a major benefit. Their products are also carefully and naturally extracted with water only (there are no solvents or heat used). The hemp is produced organically, and all Pure Fin products are non-GMO and gluten free.

Their high quality omega-3 fish oil is sustainably sourced and wild-caught from Alaskan waters. Each 1ml serving of Pure Fin tinctures provides 250mg combined EPA+DHA.


Head to Pure Fin’s website, to purchase Pure Fin CBDa Oil and use code Bearsonfit10 for 10% off your orders!